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Here are some pics of you, the Preyer fans, from all around the world.


Lissard, Northamptonshire U.K

Paul Kelly ex Mammath, Liverpool

Tonya and Edison, Colorado

     Justin Kelly, Norway

Peter, the Isle Of White

Avenger, Newcastle U.K Fred, France
Arms, Pattaya Thailand Butt, Pattaya Thailand Gonk, Pattaya Thailand
Keng, Pattaya Thailand Martin, Pattaya Thailand Nok, Pattaya Thailand

Miggo, Sweden

Bart, Germany

Boris, Israel


Armando And Tatiana, Marquee Records

Infernal Overkill, Colombia


Denis, Moscow

Brigida and Rinaldo, Italy

Dmitriy, Prague

                              Yaroslav, Russia

                     Vera, Poland

Ramon Américo Lopes


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