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This is a pretty obscure album from 1986 that was recently re-pressed with some bonus tracks. I'm glad it was put back into print, because I missed out on these guys the first time around!

Musically, it's not exactly breaking any new ground in the metal realms, but it's full of some great, catchy riffs and a nice 80's production. Although it's basically straight up metal, there are a lot of thrashy influences in the music as well.

The third track 'Leather and Chains' is a stand out track on here, and you could almost picture it being a signature Judas Priest song that they never wrote. The chorus vocal line is infectious and you will be doing your best 80's wail to it after a couple of listens!

'Beware the Night' is another highlight track with some classic riffs, a very cool solo, and a nice vocal hook. This one is a total head banger!

While this isn't the best album ever, it's one of the better totally obscure albums that even people in the know probably never heard. If you like the classics of the past, then do yourself a favour and check out Preyer!!!















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