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First and only album by the British Preyer (opening for the Grim Reaper in the tour Rock You to Hell), the Terminator (released in 1986 under the Ebony Records) is a box of 8 tracks of pure metal, directed by the powerful voice of Pete McIntosh (you hear singing on behalf of a very angry Kal Swan) line-up  is completed by guitarists James Rees and Craig Thomas, bassist Phil Scourfield and drummer Phil John (who went on to form Talon).

 The LP opens with the titanic Reserve the Right, led by riffing enthralling piece of two by the sharp axe men and Pete. 'Terminator' The title track is a mid tempo rock and square, we have a beautiful change of time that coincides with the double guitar solo.

The next 'Leather and Chains' follows the footsteps of the previous song, and we also have here a change in the level of absolute time, but this time we are facing a slowdown with a beautiful very good Pete behind the microphone and with a superb solo full of feeling that transmits many emotions.

This is followed by fast Over the Top, the formula consists of Preyer granite riffs, melodies damn heavy metal and a very good voice, and then this piece follows this formula to the letter: you could compare this piece to a runaway train that runs without stopping.

Beware the Night and Shout it Out are the most melodic song of the lot, the first bursts in a chorus by pointing out the beautiful features almost epic of Tytan Rough Justice and the second is more direct and square while maintaining the melodic especially in the solo parts.


Rock Crusader is the anthem of the song's final group, a mid-tempo rock that seems to tell the stories of ancient warriors. Once again lead the way for Pete to Have His melodic voice and Powerful, anthemic chorus and the guitar parts really justified. With the final piece in front of us Riffarama more violent LP: a proto-thrash metal that flows into the verse chorus punctuated by two power chord axe heroes.  This piece can remember anything like the style of the Raven and the Canadian Exciter for the use of voice in this piece is more taut and crackling (just in the style of Dan Beehler). Here ends this work of pure Heavy Metal.







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